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Director of Operations - Juliana Heagren

Congratulations to Juliana Heagren in her appointment as Director of Operations for Wyssling Consulting. Ms. Heagren is responsible for managing the workflow of solar engineering jobs from their submission through their completion, including any change orders or corrections necessary to complete engineering certification. She also oversees Account Managers and the daily workflow of the managers. She has vast operational experience and is a great asset to Wyssling Consulting.

Ms. Heagren is a graduate of Adventist University of Health Sciences, Orlando FL with a degree in Nursing. Ms. Heagren has been working in the solar field for the last 12 years in Operations and Management. She has worked for some of the largest solar companies in the nation in the areas of Permitting, Quality Assurance and Director of Field Services. She brings a keen sense of organization and people skills to Wyssling Consulting that helps improve our culture and improves our customer service experience.

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