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The Premier Solar Engineering Company in the Nation

  • Solar panel structural Reviews within 24 hours!

  • Licensed in all 50 states

  • 11,000+ accounts reviewed per month

  • Most extensive Database in the industry



Commercial Engineering

Electrical Engineering


With 10 years of experience and close to 2 million completed reviews, our mission is to make residential and commercial solar evaluations as simple and economical as possible for you. Our low prices, quality work, quick turn around time, and our outstanding customer service are what continues to set us apart from our competition. Come see for yourself what we're all about! 

man on roof with solar panels
ground mount solar panels



Send Solar Design packet/attic information via email/CRM


Our staff of professionals reviews your account/roof and prepares an engineering certification typically the same day we receive the request


Engineering certifications are returned to you



Siddharth Temburni

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Scott Wyssling and his team at Wyssling Consulting for about 4 years. There are very few engineering firms out there that matches the SLAs as initially promised. Wyssling consulting is definitely one of those. Their turnaround time is absolutely commendable.

Jenn Ford

My company has been using Wyssling Consulting for all of our engineering needs and couldn't recommend them more highly! They are timely and extremely communicative and they always go above and beyond to accommodate our needs. Wish I could give them more than 5 stars!!

Ben Petersen

Wyssling Consulting is the best in the business! Our partnership with Scott has allowed us to grow our business to record levels. No one can match their turnaround time and quality. The most important quality is they care and want to make a difference in this world. Thank you!

Energyscape Renewables

Very impressed with Wyssling Consulting. On-time and very quick work completion.The technical crews and office personnel were very professional, friendly, and easy to work with. Great communication all around. Would definitely recommend Wyssling consulting to anyone considering solar panels Engineering works.

David Card, Industry Analyst

With over 9000 solar engineering certifications completed per month, there is rarely a situation that Wyssling Consulting has not encountered. Experience, quality work and quick turnaround times have taken Wyssling Consulting to the #1 spot in the industry.

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