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Scott Wyssling, PE

Mr. Wyssling, owner and founder of Wyssling Consulting, with over 30 years of experience in the Engineering field. A graduate of the New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark NJ, he has specialized in the area of Civil Engineering in site planning and land development as well as structural engineering. Mr. Wyssling is considered and expert in the field of Civil/Structural Engineering. He started his own business in 2010 and has been providing engineering services exclusively for the solar industry since 2016. As part of his experience, Mr. Wyssling has developed and built an in-house engineering department from 2 employees to 30 employees to provide structural reviews.  It is his goal to establish the premier solar engineering company in the solar industry by providing the best service and pricing in the market.

Cole's Head Shoot.jpg

Cole Larsen, PE, SE
Director of Commercial Engineering

Mr. Larsen graduated from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln in 2008 with a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering. Cole’s expertise is in the design of metal building systems and other steel structures.  Cole as worked on projects in nearly every state with extensive experience in wind and seismic analysis.  He is licensed as a Structural Engineer (SE) and Professional Civil Engineer (PE) in several states. Cole joins our team to help build out our steel building department and to provide support to our account mangers.  His knowledge and expertise in the industry will help improve our processes.


Greg Elvestad, PE, EE
Director of Electrical Engineering

Mr. Elvestad is a graduate of North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND. Greg brings over 35 years of engineering experience in the power industry, spending 28 years on the utility side of the power meter. Prior to joining Wyssling Consulting, he spent nearly seven years working on the customer side of the meter as the engineer in responsible charge designing solar PV and storage systems for the largest installation companies in the U.S. Mr. Elvestad is licensed in nearly every state in the country. He is also a certified NABCEP PV Installation Professional and taught several courses in NABCEP preparation. Many of his students have gone on to achieve their own certification. His understanding of the National Electrical Code is on par with the best in the industry.


Heath Harpster, PE
Senior Manager Structural Engineering

Mr. Harpster graduated from the University of Akron in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering. Heath brings nearly 10 years of experience in structural engineering, and has worked on commercial, industrial, and residential projects in almost all 50 states. He is currently licensed as a Professional Engineer (PE) in the state of Ohio and is looking to add additional licenses. Heath's experience will be an asset to Wyssling Consulting and our clients.


Juliana Heagren
Director of Operations

Ms. Heagren is a graduate of Adventist University of Health Sciences, Orlando FL with a degree in Nursing.  Ms. Heagren has been working in the solar field for the last 12 years in Operations and Management.  She has worked for some of the largest solar companies in the nation in the areas of Permitting. Quality Assurance and Director of Field Services.  She brings a keen sense of organization and people skills to Wyssling Consulting that helps improve our culture and improves our customer service experience.


Lucy Wyssling
Human Resourses
Event Planning


Ms. Wyssling is Co-Founder of Wyssling Consulting and native of Rio De Janeiro Brazil.  She has been involved with the development of the business from day one with her husband.  She has been instrumental in obtaining licenses in all 50 states for Mr. Wyssling and continues to work on license renewals for the business.  She assists in working with our team and planning team building outings for our employees.  Her unique perspective on business and culture makes our environment more enjoyable.


Alison Sparhawk
Accounting Manager

Ms. Sparhawk is currently attending BYU Idaho studying Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. She has worked for many years in the field of accounting and brings a diverse knowledge of accounting processes to her position.  She currently is handling payroll and invoicing for Wyssling Consulting and is a valuable addition to our team.


Robert Wyssling
Senior Account Manager
New Jersey

Mr. Wyssling is a graduate of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. He has been working in the Solar Field since 2011 and has worked as a site surveyor and in sales before joining Wyssling Consulting. He joined Wyssling Consulting in 2012 and has been instrumental in the growth of our business. He currently manages some of our largest customers and his expertise in the solar field has been key in the quality and accuracy of our certifications. He continues to train other employees and works with our engineers to develop new software and technologies.


Patrica Marshall
Senior Account Manager

Ms. Marshall is a graduate of Utah Valley University in Orem, UT with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing. She has been working in the Solar field since 2019 and brings her marketing skills to help grow the business. She recently joined Wyssling Consulting and provides certifications to several clients that she manages. She continues to provide new and improved processes to increase efficiency in our review.

Tana Uyema.jpg

Tana Uyema
Quality Control/Training

Mr Uyema has received a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from BYU in Provo and was a member of the BYU football team 2008.  A native from Hawaii, he has been working in the engineering field since 2012 and specifically in the solar industry since 2015. Mr. Uyema brings a meticulous eye to making sure that our Account Managers are trained and providing the best quality product to our customers.  He is planning on becoming licensed as a professional engineer in the near future.  in his career and has applied this skill to the solar industry.  He has a firm commitment to his role on the team..


Claudia Isola, EIT
Senior  Manager Steel Buildings

Ms. Isola is a graduate from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology with a master's degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a Minor in Structural Engineering. Claudia is native from Brazil, Sao Paulo and has experience in metal buildings systems and project management. Claudia is working on her PE license and joins our team to help with the steel building department and project management, as well as providing support to our account managers .

Jayden Picture_edited.jpg

Jayden Crowther
Account Manager

Mr. Crowthers is currently attending UVU in Provo for a bachelors degree in Finance with an anticipated graduation date of Fall 2022.  He is originally from Salt Lake and has worked in sales for the past 7 years.  He embraces challenges and is an extremely hard worker.  He joins Wyssling Consulting as an Account Manager and applies his sales skills to service our existing and new customer base.


Casey Fronk
Account Manager

Mr. Fronk joins our team with a background in software engineering with a degree from Dev Mountain obtained in 2017.  He has worked over 15 years in the field of computer hardware and software and was an IT and Systems Network Administrator for 7 years. Mr. Fronk joins our team as an account manger and applies his IT knowledge to his role in servicing our customers.

Photo for Website Brad.jpg

Bradley Sparhawk
Account Manager


Mr. Sparhawk received his Bachelor's Degree in International Studies in the Russian Language from BYU Idaho.  He is currently attending Utah State University where he is pursuing a Master Degree in Human Resource Management. He has worked in several detail oriented positions 

in his career and has applied this skill to the solar industry.  He has a firm commitment to his role on the team..


Nicolas Wyssling
Account Manager


Mr. Wyssling is currently attending Lone Peak High School in Highland, UT.  He is planning on serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints after graduation.  After his mission, he plans on attending the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and study structural engineering. He is planning on following in his father's footsteps and one day take over operations for Wyssling Consulting.  He has already implemented new

processes in the business and currently manages several of our long standing customers.

Or this (1)_edited.jpg

April Marrazzo
Account Manager

Ms. Marrazzo graduated from William Paterson University in New Jersey with a Bachelor's of Art degree in the field of Communication in 2007 and continued her education by obtaining a Master's of Art in Education and Instruction in 2015 from the University of Richmond.  Ms. Marrazzo has worked in the teaching field for the past 13 years shaping our youth.  She recently joined Wyssling Consulting as an account manager and manages several of our high-level customers.


Joseph Schettler
Account Manager

Mr. Schettler is currently attending Utah Valley University to receive a bachelors degree in engineering. Local to Utah, Mr. Schettler has worked as a print manager for Wyssling Consulting and has since moved into the role of Account Manager.  He is a hard worker and is detail oriented with the customers he works with.

Rich Schettler_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Rich Schettler
Account Manager

Mr. Schettler is currently attending  University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah where he studies Chemical Engineering and Computer Science.  Mr. Schettler has been working in the area of structural engineer while attending school and brings his experience in the solar industry to Wyssling Consulting.  He is detail orientated and provides excellent customer service to the customers he services.

Image (6).jpeg

Emma Tanner
Print Manager (Layton)

Ms. Tanner is working on a degree in psychology and is interested has been working as a life coach. Ms. Tanner manages our print department at our Layton Utah office and facilitates our mailing and hard copy process for our customers.  She has been a great addition to our team and provided new ideas and processes.


Adriana Guerrero
Print Manager (Alpine)

Ms. Guerrero has a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design and has worked in event planning with a focus on customer relations.  Ms. Guerrero manages our print department at our Alpine Utah office and facilitates our mailing and hard copy process for our customers.  She is extremely organized and detail oriented in our process.

Mason Photo_edited.jpg

Mason Tanuvasa
Account Manager/Electrical

Mr. Tanuvasa  has been working in the  Electrical Engineering field for several year and has gained a knowledge base of PV Electrical Design.  He recently joined Wyssling Consulting as an Account Manager and with his electrical knowledge supports our in-house electrical engineer. He is working on training for other account managers to aid our electrical design process.

Grady image-2_edited.jpg

Grady Woodall
Account Manager

Mr. Woodall Is from Deatsville, Alabama and has served for 6 years in the United States Navy working as a Sonar Technician serving on the USS Cole.  He specialized in maintaining and operating complex military electrical systems.  Mr. Woodall's diverse experience from the military has taken him to places all around the world and has given him a broad set of skills that has translated perfectly into his work here at Wyssling Consulting.  


Colton Petersen
Account Manager

Mr. Petersen has worked in the high paced food industry and the construction trade.  Colton also has a passion for skydiving which has led him to become a coach for all those who share his love of flying.  His passion for life and customer service experience has made Colton a great addition to the culture at Wyssling Consulting and assisted in servicing our customer base.


Jack Kinney
Director of IT

Mr. Kinney is a United States Air Force veteran and has been working in the information technology field for over 30 years. He has been Microsoft, Cisco, Linux, ITIL and A+ certified and has worked across many industries including hospitality, manufacturing, banking and local government. His experience in various IT environments will help Wyssling Consulting implement best practices across the IT environment as we continue to grow and facilitate future expansion and growth for the company.

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